Postural Pilates

The aim of postural pilates lessons is to re-educate the body and one's posture through a personalized program, supported by an ever-present therapist/instructor, attentive and updated on the most modern techniques.

The postural pilates lesson has been specifically developed for those who want to start motor activity with special attention because they have back pain problems and injuries, for adolescents who have to face some developmental problems such as scoliosis, incorrect attitudes that can cause back pain or posture problems. Postural pilates is also indicated for sportsmen and athletes who need to add specific preventive work in order to avoid injuries and improve their performance; this also to achieve the maximum degree of postural balance.

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The sessions are carried out with all the great tools of the Pilates method and enriched by a mix of other techniques such as PhysioKinesiTherapy, Kinesitherapy, Back School, Pancafit and Corrective Gymnastics or Postural Gymnastics and equipment that are part of the professional baggage of La Grande Onda.


The main feature of postural pilates is the sharing of spaces with up to 3 other people; it is suitable for those who prefer to be followed by a qualified personal trainer/therapist, in a high quality work environment but with a lower investment than Individual Pilates.


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