Pilates - Individual lessons

Do you have posture problems, back pain, neck pain, joint pain, headaches, stress?

Find out here how to solve the problems you've been living with for too long, thanks to the help of two pilates professionals.

Here's how pilates can solve your problems

Pilates, with individual meetings, allows you to learn to listen to your body again, coming to understand where you have blocked or limited movement, helping you to learn correct movement with the following principles:

  • Concentration – Presence, concentration on your body helps you not to dissociate body and mind.
  • Control – Control of the body is not about commanding it like a general, but making sure that the greater knowledge of your motor patterns increases motor intelligence. This makes you more responsive in solving and responding to a problem. For example knowing how to recover from a start of stumbling or slipping without ending up sitting on the ground.
  • Center - Good control of your center of gravity avoids risky situations such as moments of instability, which can create physical problems.
  • Accuracy – Accuracy leads you to work globally, to understand where the problem arises and ease the symptoms. Increase your knowledge of your body.
  • Fluidity – Fluidity ensures that you learn to avoid sudden rebounds that cause micro-traumas to the joints.
  • Breath – Breath allows you to relax and release the stress your body is experiencing. Furthermore, by synchronizing your breaths with movement, you will have a stronger and more stable back and a more relaxed neck

By teaching your body these six principles, together we can change these incorrect attitudes. Through a tailor-made work for you we will do a series of exercises that will teach you to move fluidly and without pain.

With the help of the great Pilates tools (Reformer, Cadillac, Chair) learning these six principles will be faster and easier because they help you to better perceive the activation of internal muscles, the ones you generally do not perceive.

Why should I contact you?

If you want to solve your problem, don't rely on just anyone, look for a professional.

Giorgio and Mattia are two movement and postural gymnastics professionals with 15 years of experience and studies behind them. By focusing on you individually they will be able to help you solve your problem safely and without the risk of further trauma.

Are you wondering how soon you will be able to solve your problem?

How many lessons?

"After 10 lessons you will feel the difference, after 20 you will see the difference, after 30 lessons you will have a new body

- Josef H. Pilates

Considers that:

This is a path in which the times depend on you, on your learning ability.

Changing a motor and postural pattern that you've been carrying around for years or even since birth doesn't happen in a very short time.

Surely after 30 meetings there will be an improvement.

Postural gymnastics is a very personal matter linked to everyone's motor learning ability.

By repeating the exercises, which will vary over time, and using the above principles consciously, they will become automatic. You will then be able to put them into action without thinking about them anymore.

How do we guarantee the resolution of the problem?

  • It's a path with which we take you to listen to your body again.
  • You can come to understand the cause of the problem, through specific movements.
  • Once you have taken note of your problem, we will be able to gradually and constantly give new information to your body; through new exercises that will make you acquire the basic principles of the movement of your body.
  • You come to feel more confident in your balance and in your movements.
  • Your overall coordination will be improved.
  • You release the tensions that cause you pain, not only in your back or joints but also the tensions that cause you headaches.
  • We rebalance all tensions within your body without causing joint crisis.
  • You will increase the elasticity of your tissues, therefore of the whole body.

Does it help me relax and release tension?

  • Improve your breathing, you will learn different ways to breathe, depending on your needs.
  • Improve your ability to focus.
  • Ease your stress level.
  • Improve your posture (how you carry and wear your body), so your butt as well.

Does the buttock become more toned?

  • Improve perception, and vision of your body and yourself.
  • Improve body tone, firm your tissues.
  • Increases the elasticity of your tissues, therefore of the whole body.


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