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massaggio drenante gambe1Draining massage is considered one of the most effective for preventing and combating cellulite, a problem which, in addition to being highly unsightly, can become painful in some cases, as well as aggravate any circulatory problems.

The draining massage is also known by the name of "pulp and roll" precisely in relation to the types of movements that are performed during the treatment, considered the most effective for promoting the dissolution of fat accumulations and therefore stimulating lymphatic circulation.

The movement on which the masseur is based consists in tightening the flaps of skin in a series of folds and then stretching them, as if giving a kind of pinching on the entire treated skin surface.

This type of treatment is particularly effective for the treatment of accumulations of fat on the thighs and buttocks and, if combined with a good anti-cellulite diet and physical activity, it can promote weight loss.

However, it is good to remember that in addition to fighting cellulite, the draining massage has many other positive effects, in fact by stimulating the lymphatic circulation it favors:
the raising of the immune defenses, helps to get rid of waste and toxins, it is excellent for combating mental stress and promoting muscle relaxation.


massaggio svedese

Swedish massage was created by P.H. Ling, gymnast, scholar and eclectic figure of Sweden in the 1800s at the request of the king of that nation who, after a clamorous defeat of his troops, wanted to refresh their body and spirit. This specific request, therefore, is at the origin of the invention of a form of massage which, at least in Europe, is now considered classic and which is characterized by its regenerating and stimulating capacity and by its beneficial effects on the psyche and body.

Swedish massage is generally performed on the whole body, but having free maneuvers between them and non-rigid sequences, it can also be performed only on specific areas. It is considered decontracting, relaxing, toning and draining. It also acts on the haemolymphatic circulation and is useful in the prevention of fat and cellulite. It is performed using massage oil and generally on a bed.


massaggio californiano

Californian massage is the KING of massages also defined as EMOTIONAL massage, psychosomatic relaxing massage or even anatomical massage.

During the massage, your body is graced by rhythmic movements, enveloping fluids, gently affective that envelop the entire surface of the body, by light touches and pressures on the muscles and gentle stretches.

It rests, calms, freeing the mind from thoughts, tones, acts on the muscular system, dissolving contractures and making the joints more elastic.

It stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, reactivates the vitality of breathing, promotes digestion and the elimination of toxins.

It has a beneficial effect on mental activity, on the emotions that emerge, it evens out the temperature of the various areas of the body, promoting the circulation of vital energies. It shapes the body and rejuvenates it and in this sense it works as a beauty cure.


thai foot massage

Thai foot massage is the product of the fusion between different Asian cultures. However, its Chinese origin is certainly undisputed.

In China, foot reflexology has been a practice that has been used for about three thousand years.

The Chinese were the first to discover both the fingerprints of the fingertips and the reflex points on the sole of the foot, corresponding to the various internal organs.

Since ancient times, with the intertwining of various cultures, different systems of practice in plantar reflexology have followed, with the creation of maps of body meridians and related acupoints.

The entire foot massage sequence beneficially stimulates the microscopic nerve filaments (acupoints and meridians) which send impulses directly to the brain, which "reflex" redirects them to the internal organs, curing them.

The Thai style developed over the centuries is certainly one of the easiest and at the same time effective methods.

This massage is an excellent anti-stress, relaxes, promotes sleep, helps circulation in the legs, restores vitality and energy.

MYOFASCIAL CONNECTIVE MASSAGE (Athletes and non-athletes)

massaggio miofasciale

This massage is used both for preventive purposes and for the treatment of stiffness and contractures of the muscles. This technique acts on the fascia (resistant connective tissue which covers the muscle bellies, joins them together and allows them to slide together) through tractions and compressions which are carried out at the level of the painful areas and of the muscle in its totality.

The main indications are represented by contractures and muscle hypoextensibility, scarring (fibrosis and interfascial adhesions), the presence of reduced joint mobility.

The advantages of myofascial massage are to increase the blood supply, to improve the venous and lymphatic outflow, to restore smoothness to the tissues and therefore to modify the perception of stiffness and pain. It is a slow and rhythmic massage, very localized on the affected area, with the re-educator's fingers moving the underlying layers of the skin, hooking them and moving them transversely to the line of the affected tissue. It's quite painful, but definitely effective.


massaggio decontratturante

The decontracting massage is a massage that dissolves tensions and contractures and is considered a real wellness treatment for people with muscle pain localized in specific areas as a result of incorrect postures, inadequate physical effort, car or work accidents, causes organic, emotional, eating disorder or tiredness.

When a muscle contracts, it shortens and, consequently, limits the extent of the extension of our movements. This gives the feeling of being bound and stiffened. In some cases it causes pain and, in the acute phase, can block movement.

The decontracting massage is indicated in the treatment:

  • of joint blocks: they depend on an alteration in the functioning of the joint;
  • contractures: persistent and painful involuntary muscle contraction;
  • of pain and muscle spasms: they can depend on many causes such as the results of a contusion, a state of general tiredness, the accumulation of catabolites or an incorrect diet, or due to involuntary contractures in anxious people who keep themselves in "defense" and contracted;
  • heaviness: slowness in emptying the stomach and the digestion process, which can also be accompanied by nausea;
  • stiffness: decreased joint movement due either to hardening of the muscles or to mechanical blockage of the joint;
  • Anxiety: Feeling of distress that is accompanied by malaise and agitation.


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